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Welcome to Renewable Energy Systems, LLC

RES, LLC provides full service system design, installation, and maintenance for all your renewable energy needs, including Solar Water Heating, Solar Electric (PV), Wind Energy, Energy Audits, Customized Systems and DIY Systems. Our system designs and audits are prepared by licensed Professional Engineers with experience worldwide in energy systems. All installation and service work is completed by our licensed contractors. We have over 28 years experience in the engineering and construction business. RES, LLC can provide turn-key design, installation and startup of your energy system, or we can provide the design and instructions for the “Do It Yourself” folks out there looking to save additional money.

A variety of factors will cause our power bills to continually increase, such as government regulations "Cap & Trade", higher fuel and gas prices, rising inflation, environmental regulations, etc. Having your own power and heating sources from renewable energy is a way to keep your power bills low. We can provide Solar Electric PV, Solar Water Heating,  Biomass and/or Wind Energy to make you energy independent, save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar energy (thermal and PV systems) is growing by nearly 50% every year. Let us help you get started today.


Several Utilities are requesting additional rate increases, after just receiving a very large rate increase earlier this year. This trend will continue.

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Residential Solar Water Heating System Commercial Solar Water Heating System Residential Solar Electric PV System

¨    RES provides energy systems design and installation in North Carolina and Virginia.

¨    RES provides detailed design and instructions to anywhere in the USA for DIY Systems.

¨    Help yourself by reducing your power bill and our country’s dependence on foreign energy.

¨    Invest in renewable energies for your home and/or business and reduce your carbon footprint

¨    Protect yourself from rising energy cost with solar electric, solar water heating, wind, etc

¨    RES is owned and operated by a professional engineer and licensed contractor.

¨ RES has been issued certification from North Carolina State University and the NCSU Solar Center, diploma in Renewable Energy Technologies Systems

¨    NABCEP PV Certificate #E042409-27  (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

¨    Member of the America Solar Energy Society

¨    It is our goal to help our country become energy efficient with renewable energy systems.


Call us today to discuss how we can get started at 336-337-7631.


Off-Grid PV and Battery System


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